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Miss Muffet Pre-Primary Art class

We make sure that our educational programme is always of a very high standard.
Our classrooms are light and spacious and there is plenty of space for their development and for play, which is so important.

Wonderful art activities are set out every day for the children, and they love the dough / cutting / painting / drawing and sticking activities which are presented for them. A music or movement lesson is offered and story time peacefully ends the daily programme.


Learning Letters

Start with her name Around age 2, your child will begin to recognize the letters that make up her name, so be sure to display it throughout your home: on her bedroom door, a bathroom step stool, and the fridge. Point to the letters, saying each one out loud, suggests Marisa Kumm. Talk about other words that begin with the same letter as her name does (“C is for Caitlin, but it’s also for cat and cup”). (more…)

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