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    You can find out more details at the Miss Muffet PrePrimary School reception on costs on any of the below activities.




    Today’s children spend far less time outdoors playing and too much time in front of the television and computer. While these mediums have their benefits they also have an adverse effect on the child’s social and physical well being and development. Educators and Occupational Therapists are becoming more aware of the important role played by movement in the development of the growing child.


    What makes it necessary?

    Your child is currently in the crucial stage of development where all movement activity taught has a positive and stimulating effect, contributing to completing them as individuals with regard to physical, emotional, social and problem solving skills. Basic fitness activities are to generate good health and by feeding the body with sufficient oxygen improves circulation and concentration.

    How is all this made possible?

    Lessons are instructed once a week, for half an hour, by a qualified coach with excellent experience in this field. These lessons are instructed at contracted schools for your convenience.

    Should your child’s school not be contracted to the Junior Jungle gym Kidz Programme, alternatively a gymnastics club venue is available.

    Each weekly lesson has an objective which we achieve with a variety of apparatus. We try to limit the lesson to 13 children, as individual attention is necessary. Skills taught do not peak without sufficient opportunity, instruction and repetition.

    The Junior jungle Gym Kidz Programme  also teaches children not to overdo it, but rather do it over.

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