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  • Grade R

    A Grade R applicant must be four years turning five or older.

    Pre-Primary Grade R gets our children Ready for primary school by developing their pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-numeracy skills.

    For example, before children can learn to read they need to understand how a book works, understand the relationship between words and pictures in a book, and realise that words on a page have meaning and are made up of sounds.

    Before children can learn how to write they need to know how to hold a pen or pencil, understand that text works from left to right and from top to bottom, and realise that drawings and writing convey a message. Before children can learn numeracy skills, they need to understand that numbers represent quantities, that objects can be sorted and grouped, and that things can be shared.

    All these skills are learned through play, which is the real work of children in Pre-Primary Grade R. Playing with building blocks and doing jigsaw puzzles develop important pre-numeracy skills. Drawing and playing with modelling clay foster vital pre-writing skills while fantasy play and story-telling play crucial roles in the development of pre-reading skills.

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