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    A Pre-Primary toddler is a child between the ages of one and three. The Pre-Primary toddler years are a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development. The word is derived from “to toddle”, which means to walk unsteadily, like a child of this age

    Encourage Activity

     It might look like just child’s play, but toddlers are hard at work learning important physical skills as they gain muscle control, balance, and coordination. Each new skill lets them progress to the next one, building on a foundation that leads to more complicated physical tasks, such as jumping rope, kicking a ball on the run, or turning a cartwheel.

    Pre-Primary toddlers always want to do more, which can motivate them to keep trying until they master a new skill, no matter what it takes.

    Take advantage of your toddler’s natural desire to keep moving. Even at this early age, kids establish patterns of activity that carry through the rest of childhood. So an active Pre-Primary toddler is likely to remain active later.

    Developing Skills

    Playing and learning are completely natural for Pre-Primary toddlers, so mastering physical skills should be fun and games for them. Pre-Primary toddlers practice their developing skills while providing supervision so they stay safe while they learn.

    In addition to these physical accomplishments, toddlers are developing in other ways. We also stimulate by, asking questions, to use his or her imagination, and practice fine motor skills, such as stacking blocks or coloring.

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