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    1.  HOURS

    (a)  The school opens at 7:15 am and closes at 5:15 p.m.

    Please adhere to our times and do not be late when fetching your child as this is not fair to our staff.

    (b)  Breakfast is served at 8:30 am.

    (c)  Our daily program starts at 8:45 am.  Kindly adhere to these times to ensure that your child does not feel left out or embarrassed.

    2.  DRESS

    (a)  Children should be dressed in comfortable, preferably old clothes, in which they can play freely.

    (b)  Clothes, as well as shoes, should be clearly marked with your child’s name.

    (c)  It is advisable to send a jersey in your child’s bag every day as there could be a sudden change in weather.


    (a)  Please don’t send your child to school if he/she is ill as it could be spread to the other children.

    (b)  If your child is on medication you may send it along for us to administer, but with clear instruction as to dosage and times.

    (c)  Medicine must NOT be placed in your child’s bag, but handed to the staff member on duty.

    (d)  Should your child become ill or be hurt at school, we will immediately phone the parent and request instructions on further treatment.

    (e)  Please note that Miss Muffet Play Centre, its owners and staff do not accept any liability or responsibility should an accident occur, or a child be hurt in any manner, whilst at the school or on an outing organised by the school. By accepting enrolment at the school parents automatically indemnify the school against any such liability.  Parents can be assured, however, that every effort will be made and the utmost care taken, to avoid accidents and prevent children from being hurt at school.

    4.  SUPPLY OF STATIONERY, EQUIPMENT, ETC.  NB  (This does not apply to the baby class)

    Parents are responsible for supplying the following items:

    (a)  On Enrollment

    1.  Mattress cover (this can be ordered at school –  R250.00)

    2  1 hard cover A5 exercise book ( for communication purposes)

    (b) At the beginning of each term:

    1.  2 x rolls toilet paper

    2.  1 x box of tissues;

    3.  1 x wet wipes (used for hands and face)

    4.  1 box thick wax crayons (Grade R’s may bring Monami’s if preferred and a pair of scissors).

    5.  wood or project glue (Ponal), please do not buy thin liquid glue as the items that the children need to glue don’t always stick with that type of glue.


    (a)   Please don’t let your child bring sweets, chips, etc.  to school as our children are very young and don’t understand why they can’t have sweets if someone else has them. Please pack in a healthy mid morning snack e.g. yoghurt, sandwich or fruit.

    (b)    When it is your child’s birthday you may send along a sweet or cake for the children in his/her class.

    (c)    Every Friday one child in the class has a turn to be the Baker man.  The Baker man will sell biscuits or cookies, which he has brought from home, to the rest of his/her class. Please send R2.00 to school with your child every Friday.

    (d)    Toys brought to school only create problems and we strongly discourage your child from doing so. We cannot accept responsibility for toys that are lost or broken at school.


    (a)    Fees are calculated and invoiced per term, but may be paid monthly in advance on the 1st day of  each  month. The full month’s fees are therefore payable for  December and January although the school will be closed for part of the month during our annual vacation period.

    (b)    Fees are payable strictly in advance before the 2nd of each month.

    (c)     There is no reduction in fees for absenteeism for any reason whatsoever.

    (d)     Fees may be paid directly into my banking account.  Miss Muffet Pre-Primary,


    Please limit your phone calls to the school to emergency calls only.  A teacher being away from her

    class to answer the phone results in unnecessary disruption of the class routine which ultimately

    affects your child.


    Please feel free to discuss your child’s progress/problems with his class teacher at any time and

    please advise us of any change in the home so that we can understand any sudden changes in the

    child’s behaviour pattern.

    Please make an appointment to see me personally if there is anything you wish to discuss with me

    which you feel your child’s class teacher is unable to handle.

    School Fees – 2017

    Our fee for 2017 is R 4500.00 per term, full day or R3450.00 per term Half day. This amount may be payable in advance in 12 monthly instalments of R1500.00 or R1150.00 (half day) if preferred.

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