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    FEES 2021  
    BABIES:  R2200.00 
    TODDLERS: R2000.00



    As required by law, I wish to confirm that Miss Muffet Pre-Primary is registered as an Early Childhood Development Centre with the Department of Social Development.




    To ensure the safety of all the children, their families and our staff, we have put very strict rules in place.


    All communication will be done electronically via email or WhatsApp. No communication books, paper or artwork will be sent home.

    Parents are required to complete a Weekly Learner Screening Questionnaire and send it electronically via E-mail or WhatsApp

    Safety measures

    1. The entire school is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised each day.
    2. All unnecessary equipment, soft toys etc have been removed from the classrooms and stored separately.
    3. Staff have received training/ orientation on the measures to address, prevent and combat the spread of

    Covid 19.Staff are screened daily. Any Staff member who has a fever (temperature of over 37,4) or shows any flu – like symptoms will be required to leave the school immediately and may only return if written authorization is given by a medical practitioner.

    1. No parents or visitors are allowed on the premises and no extra – mural activities (Jungle Gym, swimming etc.) will take place until further notice.
    2. Children must arrive wearing a face mask or BUFF (which is far more comfortable and manageable than a mask). This does not apply to children younger than 2 years of age.

    Please send a change of clothes in a clearly marked zip lock bag. The bag will be sterilized and kept at school in case the child requires a change of clothes.

    1. No sharing of toys and equipment will be permitted. Each child has their own personal educational resource stored at their table in a plastic sealable container.

    Each parent is required to send a clearly marked 4L tupperware container (or similar) with the following items in the container on the first day back at school.

    Crayons, round ended scissors, a skipping rope and a bean bag,

    You may add a few optional extras e.g. stickers, stars, story book or a favourite toy (no fluffy toys)

    We will add a puzzle, playdough and a few extras to each container. The container will be sanitised daily.


    Breakfast and lunch will be provided by the school. Please pack a  healthy teatime snack and a bottle of fresh water. The teacher will re- fill the water bottle during the day if necessary. No drinking from school cups or taps will be allowed.

    An example of a packed snack box could be: water bottle, yoghurt, biscuits and cheese, peanut butter sandwich, fruit, nuts & raisins, small fruit juice.

    Daily routine

    1. Children must arrive between 7:15 and 08:15 and line up outside the gate, accompanied by a parent. Please observe social distancing – 1.5 meters apart.


    1. A staff member will allow one child at a time onto the premises where they will proceed to the screening station. Parents must wait patiently at the gate until their child’s temperature has been taken with a thermal, non-contact thermometer. After their temperature has been taken, their hands, feet and lunch box will be sanitised. Children with a temperature of 37,4 or above will not be permitted into the school and will be returned to their parents.

    Please do not send your child to school if he/she has a high temperature or shows any flu – like symptoms (cough, sneeze, runny nose etc.)


    1. After screening the child will proceed to his/ her classroom where strict protocols and procedures are in place.

    Tables and chairs are placed in rows and spaced 1.5 meters apart. Children do not share tables and do not sit facing each other.

    Teacher and children to wear face masks/buff at all times (except meal times).

    Classrooms are sanitized every day.

    Playground routine

    Only one class will be allowed in the playground at a time.

    Teachers sanitise hands of children before leaving the classroom and again before re-entering the classroom.

    Teachers walk around the playground ensuring that children maintain social – distancing of 1.5 meters

    Toilet routine

    Hands to be washed with water and soap (only liquid, anti-bacterial soap will be used).

    Hands are dried with paper towel and disposed of in a bin. (no cloth towels are used).

    Restroom/toilets are cleaned and sanitised after each routine.

    Sleep time

    Mattresses are sanitised before and after nap time and spread out in the classroom.

    Temperatures are taken before and after naptime.

    If found that a child has a fever (temperature above 37,4) is coughing or feeling ill at any time during the day, the child will be quarantined in a separate, sanitized sick room with a Staff member to take care of the child.

    Parents will be informed to come and collect the child immediately and may only return to school if a medical practitioner has given written authorisation that it will be safe for the child to return and participate in the daily programme.

    Home time

    Temperatures are taken and hands sanitised before the children leave the premises.

    Parents must wait at the gate, observing social distancing until their child is given back into their care.

    Final Clean – up routine

    When all the children have left, the sanitisation of the entire classroom, toilets, passages etc will be performed by the staff every day.